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Stepping into Clear Lounge is like stepping into the future. You’ll feel the weightlessness of the underwater world all around you, while the colorful lights and bubbles, mixed with refreshing, aromatic oxygen exhilarate your senses. It’s a whole body, multi-sensory experience.

You’ll enter Clear Lounge via a vertical ladder. As you descend the ladder, a high-tech Sea TREK® helmet will be placed on your shoulders. The helmet keeps you dry from the shoulders up, and provides a constant flow of cool, refreshing air enriched with oxygen and an aromatherapy scent of your choice. Once you have entered the underwater lounge, you’ll have a chance to:


  • Shoot targets with a high-powered bubble gun
  • Play a custom underwater version of jenga
  • Write and draw messages for your friends on the outside of the lounge


And best of all, have your photo taken in the Clear Lounge underwater photo booth.


 The photo booth features:


  • A variety of props like mustaches and martini glasses
  • And, a floor to surface LED digital display wall with unique background images


When you get out of Clear Lounge, don’t forget to try the delicious oxygen-infused smoothies or purchase canned oxygen to take home with you!

Please note:

Must be at least 8 years old, and in good health to participate. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Must arrive 15 minutes prior to reserved tour time. Wear a bathing suit or preferred swimwear (dressing room onsite). Water temperature is kept at a comfortable 87ºF (31 C). Bring a towel and sunscreen.

Lockers are provided to store personal belongings. Outdoor shower available for guests to rinse off.

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