Developed in 1999, SeaTREK®is the largest helmet diving program in the world, with over 40 locations and guest experiences surpassing 2.5 million to date. The program’s equipment and safety standards are unmatched in the industry.

The state-of-the-art SeaTREK helmet and specialized air delivery system enables guests to comfortably walk underwater, all without getting their face or hair wet! Participants do not need to know how to swim, and can even wear contact lenses or prescription glasses.

Unique to clear lounge, is a completely new transparent SeaTREK helmet, never before seen in the industry. This innovation will not only give the appearance that guests are hardly wearing any equipment, but it will also provide them with a greater view of the underwater world.

The air line connected to each helmet provides cool, filtered, oxygenated and/or aromatic air at a rate 3 times greater than is normally required. There are no mouthpieces, guests simply breathe normally through their nose and mouth.

All SeaTREK use is conducted by trained, certified and insured SeaTREK Guides and Safety Divers. The Guides and Safety Divers will be with guests every moment of the tour. Once underwater, participants will experience what it must feel like to be an astronaut on the moon. The near-zero gravity environment allows TREKKERs to bounce along the bottom in slow motion. Guests are encouraged to dance, moon walk, do the robot, do the dougie, make faces at each other, laugh underwater, interact with guests outside, and most importantly, have fun! 

SeaTREK is unlike anything else on this planet.  clear lounge takes the SeaTREK experience to a whole new level.

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