Clear Lounge Underwater Oxygen Bar Equipment Room

clear lounge and SeaTREK are designed, developed, and manufactured by Sub Sea Systems, Inc., a leading innovator in the marine tourism industry. The SeaTREK equipment has been refined over the years, through constant pursuit of perfection.

The injection molded SeaTREK helmet is made from a durable polycarbonate composite, and is constructed with an ergonomic design that’s comfortable for practically all body shapes and sizes. Each helmet is fitted with a custom tri-view lens that provides the guest with a clear line of site toward the front and sides. The air line is secured to the helmet by a quick disconnect fitting. When air enters the helmet it gently blows against the lens, providing a fog-free view and reassuring the guest that cool, dry air is entering the helmet. In water, the SeaTREK helmet weighs approximately 15 lbs. (6.8 kgs) negative. The helmets are capable of fitting an underwater communication system as an optional feature.

The Air Center compressor system is quiet and energy efficient, producing 75 decibels at 3 ft. (1 m.) distance. A microprocessor controller monitors and displays system functionality. The operating pressure is maintained at 85 psi (5.8 bar). In the event of a power failure, the low-pressure alarm system with automatically activated reserve air supply will immediately engage.

SeaTREK is CE marked, and meets the highest safety standards in North America.

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