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clear lounge’s parent company, Sub Sea Systems, offers a comprehensive-licensing program designed to meet the needs of the modern investor. Modeled after its successful SeaTREK and SNUBA licensing programs worldwide, Sub Sea Systems has perfected the program. Both Sub Sea Systems and its licensees are invested partners; we are very selective with our licensees, and work closely with them throughout the life of their business.

The program involves an initial one-time license fee, and an ongoing percentage share of revenue. The license fee is a fraction of the retail purchase price of the equipment provided, and is our way of securing commitment and responsibility from the involved party. Included in the monthly revenue share is our Automatic Unit Replacement (“AUR”) program. The AUR program guarantees throughout the term of the agreement, that Sub Sea Systems will provide replacement parts*, due to wear and tear, free of charge. The operator is only responsible for shipping and importation fees.

In addition, our licensees benefit from our complimentary in-house business consulting, marketing and graphic design services, professional liability insurance, and our unparalleled safety history. We set the benchmark for quality and safety standards in the marine tourism industry.

Terms: down payment 50% license fee / 40% upon notice of delivery / 10% upon delivery and completion of training. Ongoing percentage share of monthly revenue.

Delivery: 6-7 months after receipt of order

For complete licensing details, contact us.


*Some components may not be included in the AUR program.

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